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Hair Removal 

At Just Beautiful we offer a full range of Waxing services, using Warm or Hot wax 

to make this process quick and easy, with long lasting effects

Full Leg Wax - £23

Hair is removed from Hip to Toe leaving your legs smooth and ready for anything. 

Full Leg + Basic Bikini wax - £30

This service include a full leg wax as well as bikini area, above and either side of the knicker line. 

Half Leg Wax - £17

Hair is removed from just above the Knee down to your toes. 

Basic Bikini Wax - £12

Hair is removed from above and either side of the knicker line. Leaving you feeling neat and tidy. Great for first time waxers. 

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Extended Bikini Wax - £15

Great for those wanting a little more! 

Hair is removed unto just inside the knicker line.

Brazilian Wax - £26

All Hair is removed from the buttock area, labia and most of the pubic mound, leaving a small strip of hair.

Hollywood Wax - £28 

This is a Brazilian without the landing strip. All hair is removed from the buttock area, labia, and pubic mound.

Underarm Wax - £9

All hair is removed from both underarm area.

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Upper Lip Wax - £6

All hair including Vellus hair is removed from above the lip area and under the nose. 

Chin Wax - £6

All Hair is removed from chin area and under the neck if required.

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Get the perfect brows at Just Beautiful 

Eyebrow Reshape - £10

Using a mixture of Waxing, Tweezing and Threading to create the perfect shape for you. 

Eyebrow wax - £7

Leave your brow area clean and fresh with an eyebrow wax. Waxing removes all terminal and vellus hair to keep you eyebrow looking Sharpe. 

Eyebrow Threading - £9

Using the ancient techniques developed from Asia and the Middle East to remove excess hair and shape your brow into the desired shape using thread to trap the hairs and remove from the root. 

Eyebrow Tint - £6

Sculpt and define your brows with a brow tint. Leaves your brows looking fuller and more prominent. (Patch test required)

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Get the perfect lashes at Just Beautiful 

Eyelash Tint - £12

Tint your lashes to give them more definition. Available in Brown, Black & Blue/black (Patch test required) 

Eyelash Lift - £35

Giving lift and definition to your lashes this treatment is great for those who don't want the hassle of lash extensions. (Patch test required)

Cluster Lashes- £15

 These sprigs of 4/5 lashes will give your lashes that party feel. Great for a night out or a weekend away. Available in short, medium and long. 

Strip- £10

These lashes are great for a quick application. Available in various styles to create the look you want. 

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Ear Piercing - £20

Ear piercing available around the outer edge of the ear. Various earrings available - Gold, Sliver, Titanium and stainless steel finish. Clients must be 16+ or accompanied by a Parent or Guardian.

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